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Our Story

Have you ever wanted to take a long break from your hectic life? Or admire a scenery and imagine you becoming part of it?

From the German classic black forest cake to French delicacies; Scenic view of trees overseeing the great glades to Musée du Louvre and Eiffel Tower, things of beauty bring joy and also bring up memories of certain desserts. Think about how soothing it can be to explore every corner of the world as well as trying out different desserts around the globe.

The founder of M'uu Cake studied abroad in Switzerland, then fell in love with the variety of desserts from different countries within Switzerland itself. M'uu Cake hopes to share this experience to Taiwan by taking your tastebuds on a trip around the world. 

Our Beliefs

M'uu Cake refuses to use any unnatural flavors and preservatives.

We believe that presenting the ingredients that we selected in their most basic form is the only way to maximize taste. 

Without glamorous appearances, we focus more on inner beauty.

Each cake is hand-made from top to bottom.

Because of the more detailed steps and procedures, we can 

ensure the quality of each cake made.

By hand-making our cakes, we can stick to our true beliefs

and let our customers taste the love in each M'uu Cake!